ICT & EYFS Open Afternoon

Playgroup holds open sessions twice a year (one afternoon, one evening) to allow parents to get involved in their child's learning outside of playgroup. The focus is on the three prime areas of the EYFS - Physical development, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. 

The open afternoon also gives parents a chance to discuss the EYFS with the staff and offer their opinions to the use of the internet, ICT and the whiteboard in playgroup.
Below are some photos of the open afternoon in 2015. 





This is how we stay safe when we use computers:


·    I will ask an adult if I want to use the computer.


·    I will only use activities that an adult has told or allowed me to use.


·    I will take care of the computer and other equipment.


·    I will ask for help from an adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have    done something wrong.


·    I will tell an adult/member of staff if I see something that upsets me on screen.


·    I know that if I break the rules I might not be allowed to use the computer.




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