A Typical Day at Playgroup


Northleach Playgroup is adjacent to Northleach C of E Primary School.  The building the playgroup occupies has been provided by the school, and built with the support of Gloucestershire LA.  It is designed to be used for pre-school children providing them with specific indoor and outdoor areas to aid learning and development.















Pre-schoolers only




Children who are with us in the morning are welcome to stay for lunch until 1300 for an additional hourly fee.


A Typical Playgroup Session

Northleach Playgroup organises its sessions so that the children can choose from and enjoy a range of activitiesThe children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led group activities which introduce them to new experiences and help them to gain new skills and learn to work with others. We use the outdoor space whenever possible contributing to the children’s physical development and knowledge of the world around them.  The garden is planted with a varied selection of fruit and vegetables; and willing little helpers are never in short supply.  

The following schedule gives a guideline of a typical daily routine:


09:00:  Arrival and Welcome

09:30:  Free Play/Group Activities

10:30:  Snack

10:45:  Free Play/Group Activities

12:00:  Morning Pick-Up


12:00:  Lunch

13:00:  Free Play/Group Activities

14:30:  Snack

15:00:  Pick-Up


How Much Does it Cost?


Per Session

0900-1200 or 1200-1500


Full day



Additional Hour




The first two sessions at playgroup are free of charge and you are welcome to stay during these sessions to help settle your child into playgroup. We understand that some children may take longer to settle in, and therefore you are welcome to stay until you are happy you child feels settled.

Fees are reviewed annually during March/April and any increase will be reflected at the start of the next academic year.

We require 1 month’s written notice to withdraw your child from playgroup without incurring a charge.  If we are able to fill your child’s place, you would not be asked to pay any fees during the appropriate period.


Your Child’s Key Person

Your child will be allocated their own key person from the staff team who will have particular responsibility for monitoring your child’s development throughout their time at Northleach Playgroup. Each child also has a Report Book/Learning Journey which their key person will continually add to. Learning Journeys are kept in the children's trays for parents/carers to look at at anytime.  The Key person will also provide two written progress reports per school year. Do please feel free to ask for time with your child's key person to discuss any concerns you may have.



All the children sit together mid-session for snack time. Good table manners are encouraged through passing the cups and snack bowls around to each other, pouring their own drink and asking politely when they would like any more. 

If staying for lunch, you can either send your child in with their own lunchbox or there is the option of having a hot lunch, provided by the school, at a cost of £2.74.

Hot Lunch: If you would like your child to have a hot lunch please notify the Playleader at morning drop-off. You will then be able to pay and order your child's lunch from a choice of dishes.   

Packed Lunch: At Playgroup we promote a healthy diet and kindly request that children do not bring any fizzy drinks or sweets and that any “pudding” is kept to one small item. Children are also encouraged to eat their sandwiches and savoury food before moving onto pudding. We would also like to ask, in the interest of health and safe storage of foods, that the lunch box includes a freezer block to keep freshness high and bacteria to a minimum.



Playgroup Staff


Lucy Harrison, Playleader

Lucy has been working at Northleach Playgroup since July 2012 and has an NNEB Diploma.  She has completed a paediatric first aid course, food hygiene, planning and observation and is Designated safeguarding lead and qualified SENCo. She attends regular Safeguarding Training in her role as Deputy Playleader.  Prior to joining our setting, Lucy worked as a childminder.  In her spare time Lucy enjoys reading, keeping fit and spending time with her family.


Adele Reed, Deputy Playleader


Adele joined Northleach Playgroup in Sept 2010 and is NVQ level 3 qualified. Adele has completed paediatric first aid course, regular Safeguarding training, food hygiene, ECAT and is our CLL lead and behaviour lead, having completed behaviour in the early years training with updates. She works as a volunteer to Northleach C of E primary school, (with reception children) helping with reading, numeracy, literacy and settling into school life. In her spare time Adele enjoys walking, swimming, reading and attending a local book club, as well as spending time with her family.


Karen Bridgeman (Mary), Playgroup Assistant

Mary has worked at Northleach Playgroup since April 2010 and since joining has attained NVQ level 2 in Childcare. She is also qualified in paediatric first aid, messy play, a cooking course and attends regular safeguarding training. Prior to joining the playgroup Mary worked in the caring sector (NHS and private care).   In her free time Mary loves to walk with her dogs, gardening, cooking and spending time with her two grandchildren.


Sarah Jones, Playgroup Assistant

Sarah has been working at Northleach Playgroup since November 2014. She is qualified to NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care and Level 2 in Childcare. During her time at the setting she completes regular Safeguarding training and completed behaviour in early years and Paediatric first aid training.


Donna Eyre, Playgroup Assistant

Donna has been working at Northleach Playgroup since October 2015. Donna has a BEd in Primary School teaching. During her time at Playgroup so far Donna has gained a Paediatric First Aid certificate and attends regular Safeguarding training. In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time with her twin boys, family and friends.


All staff qualifications can be found in a file in the lobby of the Playgroup.







Northleach Playgroup, Mill End, Northleach Gloucestershire  GL54 3HJ

Tel:  01451 860019

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